Discount coupon WEDOS

WEDOS is one of the largest hosting companies in the Czech Republic. Compared to the competition, WEDOS offers discount coupons for new customers by default, thanks to which it is possible to get a discount exceeding 50% of the total order price. Given the already low prices for webhosting or VPS virtual servers, it is a nice bonus that is not seen. On this site you will always find the latest Wedos discount coupons.

Every day a current discount on the purchase of hosting services at WEDOS

We are monitoring current discount coupons and hosting services for WEDOS.

Current WEDOS Coupons

WEDOS regularly offers a range of discount coupons ranging from 25 to 90%.

WEDOS webhosting discount coupon

Webhosting NoLimit 50% off


EU domain discount coupon

EU domain 50% off


VPS ON WEDOS discount coupon

VPS ON 33% off


VPS SSD WEDOS discount coupon

VPS SSD 25% off


DISCOUNT Coupon for WEDOS disk

WEDOS Disk 25% off



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